audioarts studio is located on Waiheke Island,          Auckland, New Zealand.

The Studio is on a hilltop overlooking the coast.                     A 30 minute ferry service connects us with Auckland.

The recording equipment is centred around:                      AKAI DR16PRO 2496 hard disc recorders, DL16 controllers, RE32 editors, and Lynx and UA converters

This system integrates with Pyramix and Reaper DAWs.

Outboard processors include:                                          Lexicon PCM80 and PCM90 reverbs, DBX De-Essers,        Neve, Universal Audio, and Aphex compressors.

Preamps include: Neve, Telefunken V72, and UA610.

Outboard mastering processors include:                                  Tube Tech SSA-2A Valve summing, SSL 4000 Bus Compressor, UA LA2A Compressors, UA2192 Converters, AMEK 9098 Compressor,  Pultec EQ1a and MEQ5 EQs.

Software processing includes a wide selection including:          Antares, Arturia, Celemony, EMI, Eventide, FabFilter, Fuse Audio, GRM, Izotope, Lexicon, LiquidSonics, PSP, ReLab, SofTube, Sonnox, Waves, Xils

Microphones include a selection of AKG, Shure, Rode, Neumann, and Sennheiser, including … SM7B, 414BULS, U47W

The monitors are a pair of JBL 4412A, powered by Perreaux amplifiers.