The Studio

Audio Arts is based on Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand. The studio is on a hilltop overlooking the coast. A ferry service connects us with Auckland 30 minutes away.

The recording equipment is centred around AKAI DR16 PRO 24/96 hard disc recorders, DL 16 realtime controllers, and an RE 32 editor. This system interfaces with Pyramix, and also Protools, Adobe Audition, and Harrison Mixbus.

The soundcard is a LYNX 2. Software processing includes Waves, Antares, Universal Audio, and TC Works. Outboard includes Lexicon PCM80 and 90 reverbs, DBX De-Esser, Symetrix, Neve, and Aphex compressors, and high end microphone preamps (including 2X Neve, and a UA 610).

Mastering includes a Tube-Tech SSA-2A Valve Summing Amp, SSL 4000 Bus Compressor, 2X UA LA2A, 2X UA 2192 Converters, and an AMEK 9098 Compressor.

Microphones include a selection of AKG , Shure, Rode, Neumann , and Sennheiser, (SM7B, 414BULS, U47W)

The monitors are a pair of JBL 4412A's.

View from the Studio
View from Studio
View of Control Panel in Studio
Control Panel
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Audio Arts Recording Studio
Waiheke Island
New Zealand
+64 9 372 7515